This technological center results from the union of three different schools of the city of Bari:  “Gorjux”, “Tridente” and “C. Vivante”.

Gorjux –Tridente- Vivante is a Public Secondary Vocational and Technical School in Bari. Both sectors are involved in Digital Advertising and Communication at different levels. There is also a Business Section, a Computer Science Section, a Tourist Section and Football Careers Section.



The business technical Institute “C. Vivante” was founded in 1886 as the “Royal Advanced School of Commerce”, under the sponsorship of the Chamber of Commerce of Bari (Italy) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Industry. It was the first trade and commerce Institute training students to work in that field, linking together the commercial activities of the port of Bari and the agricultural produce of the territory.

The building is located on the city’s waterfront.

From the methodological point of view, the Institute has developed new courses to meet the changing needs of its students, keeping in touch with new job possibilities.


A.F.M. (Law and Business Studies).

In the last three years of their schooling, pupils develop skills in business matters and in technical language competence. They study English, and French or German, as well as Maths, History, Law, Business Studies, Physical Education and Religious Education.

S.I.A. (Computer Science and Maths).

In the last three years, this school course offers a larger use of computer labs as it aims at specialising in accountancy and business management.

Subjects studied are Italian, English, History, Maths, Law, Business Studies, Informatics, Physical Education and Religious Education.


The Tourist Section courses last five years, (students aged from 14 to 18); pupils will be able to work as tourist agents or to be employed in other fields connected with tourism development and the trading of tourism services.

It focuses on tourism business and foreign languages (English, French and German); other subjects are Law, Art, History and Geography, Maths, Physical Education and Religious Education.


These are evening courses for adults or young workers who need to get a secondary school degree.

The features of this course are:

  • Flexibility as adequate to the requirements of these students;
  • Teaching methods aimed at enhancing cultural and professional experiences of these students.

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