Since September 1st  2015, the two  Institutes  “Panetti” and “Pitagora” merged into 1 Institute  “I.I.S.S. “Pitagora Panetti” to give life to a great technological center in  Bari,  with a wide and articulated offering: Construction Environment and Territory, Materials Chemistry and Biotechnology, Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology, Computer Science Technology, Telecommunication, and  an evening course in Electrical and Automation  Technology.

Pitagora Presentation


The Institute Tecnico Tecnologico “Modesto Panetti” works in the territory with the specializations in  Materials Chemistry and Biotechnology, Electrical and Automation Technology, Electronics, Computer Science  and Communication Technology, and an evening course in Electrical and Automation  Technology.

Over the years it has gradually renovated to meet in a  more living way  and be adapted to new needs of the community , the citizens and the student’s planning  towards the future college and / or working environment.





The regional analysis and the detection of training needs, carried out on teachers, students and parents, have confirmed that the Institute is the meeting point for the purposes devolving upon it, including the users’ expectations and  the  socio- economic reality inside which it is placed.

In a world of work that demands more and more solid basic training, advanced expertise and ductility, the ITT “Modesto Panetti” intends to satisfy the legitimate expectations of the students and families, using all possibilities offered by the new legislation on the school’s  autonomy.

In this sense, they highlight the of  the routes  for the ” school / work alternating  training ” and Certifications denoting the Institute’s mission: a school that changes to technological innovation and the demands of the working world.


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